Pain is My joy
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With festival season fast approaching, so comes another glorious four days of good vibes, good music and good people in Sherwood Forest.


Electric Forest, baby! 

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haven’t logged into tumblr in so long so heres what up

i am finally on antidepressants

and klonopin

I started modeling, lingerie, topless, tattoo, and pinup

i love it.

i am still with my boyfriend who still is an asshole- ohwell

i still smoke weed and take xanax- i do ketamine and coke every now and then 

i lost 25 lbs

when i first started blogging i was 155

i now way 124 - no i am not anorexic i honestly believe between the drugs ive tried and my lifestyle i lost all muscle and bones mass.

My boobs are gone. i hate it, my bones stick out and its not that pretty.

everytime i wake i look in the mirror and love that i am finally skinny that i have no motivation to work out and tone up - it sucks .  

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